3 W – 20 W Torque Motor with a Gearbox

Torque with a gearbox

Singel Phase, AC Gear Motor

3 W – 20 W single-phase AC gear motor & torque motor can act as a brake when back drove, or a simple device to provide tension. A high-performance torque motor with a gear ratio from 3 to 200 is an excellent product for winding and unwinding applications.

Torque Motor Specifications

PhaseSingle Phase
Power3 W – 20 W
Voltage110/220 V
Shaft TypePinion Shaft
Gear Ratio3 – 200
Rating at Locked Rotor5 Min Continuous
Frequency50/60 Hz

Model Selection

ModelPowerStarting TorqueWeight (motor with gear head)
ATO-GEAR-TM33W69 mN.m1.15kg
ATO-GEAR-TM66W134 mN.m1.6kg
ATO-GEAR-TM1010W235 mN.m2.4kg
ATO-GEAR-TM2020W363 mN.m3.75kg

Wiring Diagram

Torque motor wiring diagram

Tips for using a torque motor with a gearbox

  • The torque motor has the characteristics of high starting torque and inclination. The speed control can be realized by changing the power supply voltage.
  • It is suitable for winding applications. In applications where an object is continuously released at a constant speed and wound at a constant tension. If the diameter of the winding spool is doubled, the torque must be doubled and the speed must be halved.
  • A torque motor with a gearbox can be used as a brake. By using the speed-torque characteristics of the motor in the braking area, it can act as a brake. In addition, constant tension operation can be realized by applying DC voltage.

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