Single phase ac gear motor speed control

High Precision and Low Consumption

AC & DC Gear Motor

A type of gear reducer that combines with an AC or DC electric motor.

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DC gear motor

3W ~ 3.7kW AC gear motors and DC gear motors for sale

We are a manufacturer that can provide high-precision gear motors. The gear motor can provide torque at low speed. It has various transmission ratios, low vibration, low noise, strong adaptability and compact design. Come and find the gear motor that best suits your needs.

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Low price ATO gear motors for sale.

DC worm gear motor

BLDC Motor with Worm Gearbox

AC gear motor

Vertical or Horizontal Installation

DC planetary gear motor

BLDC Motor with Planetary Gearbox

Torque with a gearbox

Single Phase AC Torque Motor with a Gearbox

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Emma Roberts

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Gear motor basic

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A gear motor is an integrated device of speed reducer and electric motor, also known as gear reduction motor. It is usually supplied in complete sets after integrated assembly by a professional reducer manufacturer.

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