How Does the Brushless DC Gear Motor Decelerate?

The brushless DC geared motor, namely the BLDC geared motor, is based on the brushless DC motor with a matching gear reducer. The function of the gear reducer is to provide a lower speed and a larger torque. Obviously, different gear motors can provide different speeds and torques. This greatly improves the usage rate of brushless DC motors in the automation industry.

DC brushless geared motor refers to the integration of reducer and brushless motor. Such an integrated body may also be commonly referred to as a brushless gear motor. It is usually integrated and assembled by a professional reducer manufacturer and supplied as a complete set. Brushless geared motors are widely used in the steel industry, machinery industry, smart home, office equipment, robots, drones and other industries. The advantage of brushless geared motors is to simplify the design and save space. How does the brushless DC gear motor decelerate?

BLDC gear motor

The brushless DC gear motor is composed of a brushless DC motor and a reducer (gearbox), such as ATO DC planetary gear motor and worm gear motor. The brushless DC motor has a high input speed, but a small torque, which cannot drive heavier mechanical equipment to run. At this time, a reducer must be added. Now, the reducer can reduce the speed, increase the torque, and achieve the effect of transmitting the load. It is composed of multi-stage gears. The higher the number of stages, the lower the speed, the greater the torque, and the higher the load. In this way, there is no need to produce a large motor, which saves the installation space and greatly reduces the cost.

The benefits of using a reducer for the motor

  1. The use of the reducer can effectively maintain the function of the motor. The reducer accepts a large torque during operation, and when it is overloaded, it is transmitted to the motor as long as the overload is divided by the value of the reduction ratio.
  2. Save the cost of use and avoid direct damage to the motor. The reducer can be restored to use only by replacing spare parts, and the cost is relatively low. If the motor is directly damaged, the maintenance is relatively slow and the cost is high.
  3. Effectively reduce the moment of inertia, the reducer can control the start and stop and speed change in time. Increasing the torque through the reducer is equivalent to increasing the input power, which can reduce the power required by the input motor (in places where speed regulation is required). In general, the motor is more expensive than the reducer, so consider using the reducer. .
  4. It can effectively save energy, and use the reducer to reduce the output torque and current of the motor a lot.
  5. The use of reducer can effectively reduce the speed of the motor and increase the torque, and output the corresponding multiplication and reduction ratio according to the motor.
  6. Effectively reduce the load inertia of the motor. In terms of numerical value, the inertia is the square value of the reduction ratio. Different motor inertia values are different.

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