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Hi, I Am Gear motor.org

A manufacturer that supplies AC/DC gear motors.


High Performance

High performance and precision gear motors are provided. Low power consumption, and longer battery life.


High Efficiency

a motor with a gearbox can provide high torque at low speeds, It ALSO can reduce the inertia of the load.


Good Price

Low-price gear motors with gearboxes for sale. Many types to choose from, Factory price can be got.


Good Service

When your concerns meet our customer service, they will be resolved. Contact us and you can get help with any project.

High Precision


High Efficiency

Low Consumption

Good Price

Factory Price

Good Service

Happy Customers

Gear motors

What I Do for working?

We provide high-precision and performance gear motors, which can provide high torque at low speed. A variety of motors can be selected, and some product parameters can be customized.

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