30 W – 750 W DC Gear Motor, 3000 rpm


12/24/48V, Gear Ratio 3~200

High-quality DC gear motor with 3000 rpm rated speed, can run smoothly at 12V/24V/36V/48V and gives a wide range of RPM and torque. Gear ratio from 3 to 200, no-load speed is 3300 rpm and peak holding torque is up to 7.16 N.m. 30W ~ 750W DC gear motor is suitable for many industrial applications such as robotics process, food packing machine, medical equiments, etc.

DC Gear Motor Specifications

Power30 W – 750 W
Voltage12/24/48 V
Motor Lead Length300 mm
Gear Ratio3 – 200
Rated Speed3000 rpm

Model Selection

ModelPowerVoltage(DC)Rated TorqueWeight(kg)
ATO-GEAR-3030W12/24V0.1 N.m1.5
 ATO-GEAR-5050W12/24V0.16 N.m2
ATO-GEAR-9090W12/24/48V0.29 N.m2.3
ATO-GEAR-150150W12/24/48V0.48 N·m3
ATO-GEAR-200200W12/24/48V0.64 N·m3
ATO-GEAR-300300W12/24/48V0.96 N·m3.4
ATO-GEAR-450450W12/24/48V1.43 N·m3.5
 ATO-GEAR-750750W24/36/48V2.39 N.m4

Wiring Definition

Motor wiring explanation

Features and Applications of DC Gear Motors

  • The DC geared motor has high transmission precision, small size, low noise, durability, low energy consumption, customized power design, easy installation and convenient maintenance. It is usually used in the field of financial equipment, office equipment, electronic locks, remote control toys, precision instruments, automobiles, consumer electronics, household appliances, electric glass doors and windows, etc., with a wide range of applications.
  • DC planetary geared motors have penetrated into all walks of life in modern life, providing more intelligent and automated life application scenarios. In order to better meet the power and performance requirements, the custom power mode is usually used, and the DC planetary gear motor is designed according to the application scope, scene and environment. Micro gear motors are used in a smart car transmission, 5G communication equipment, smart robots, smart home, electronic products and other fields.

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