How to Install Planetary Gear Motors correctly?

Correct installation and maintenance is the key to the normal operation of planetary geared motors. Therefore, when you install the planetary gear motor or other gear motors, please be sure to install it carefully according to the following installation sequence.

Step 1: Before installation, it should be confirmed whether the motor and DC planetary gear motor are intact, whether the dimensions of the parts adjacent to the drive motor and the reducer correspond to each other, and wipe off the dirt and burrs on the same surface.

Step 2: Rotate and take off the screw plug on the process hole on the side of the reducer flange, turn the input end of the reducer to align the cap of the hexagon socket head cap with the process hole, insert the hexagon socket head tool and loosen the hexagon socket head cap screw.

Step 3: Hold the drive motor so that the keyway on the shaft is perpendicular to the tightening screw of the input end hole of the reducer, and insert the drive motor shaft into the input end hole of the reducer. When installing, it is strictly forbidden to use hammering, which can prevent the axial force or radial force of the hammering from damaging the bearings of the two and can determine whether the two are consistent through the feel of the device. The key to common concentrically and flange parallelism is that after the two are inserted into each other, the flanges of the two are tightly attached and the loopholes are the same.

Step 4: This step is to ensure that the two flanges are connected to each other evenly. First, screw on the drive motor fastening screw arbitrarily, but do not tighten it. Then gradually tighten the four fastening screws in the diagonal position, and tighten the fastening screws of the input hole of the planetary gear reducer motor. The exact placement between the reducer and the machine setting equipment is similar to that between the planetary gear reducer and the drive motor. The key to it is that the output shaft of the planetary reducer must correspond to the concentricity of the input shaft of the driven part. With the increasing use of control motors, there will be more and more applications of planetary gear motors in active control drives.

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