How to Install Worm Gear Reducer?

As a traditional transmission device, the worm gear reducer has a worm gear inside and the tooth profile is involute. Many users do not know enough about worm gear reducers. Gearmotors will come with you to understand the installation tips of the worm gear reducer.

Worm Gear Motor
  1. Mount the unit to a rigid flat surface using grade 5 or higher fasteners. The mounting fasteners should be the largest standard size that will fit in the base mounting hole. Shim as required under flange or base feet which do not lie flat against the mounting surface.
  2. For shipment, pipe plugs are installed in the unit and a vent plug is packed separately. After mounting the unit in position, remove the appropriate pipe plug and install the vent plug in the location shown on page 5. On double reduction units both the primary and the secondary must be vented. Failure to vent the unit can cause premature seal wear or loss of seal and oil. These conditions are not covered by warranty. Check for correct oil level. Contact the Factory for level and vent recommendations on non-standard mounting positions.
  3. Connect motor to speed reducer. Depending upon gear geometry and operating conditions worm gear reducers may or may not back drive. Use of a brake or external holding device is required if any evidence of backdriving is not desired. Special consideration should be given to high inertia loads connected to the output shaft. Consult the factory for further details.
  4. Do not change mounting positions without contacting factory. Altering the mounting position may require special lubrication provisions which must be factory installed.
  5. Do not operate the reducer without making sure it contains the correct amount of oil. Do not overfill or under fill with oil, or injury to personnel, reducer or other equipment may result.
  6. A unit cannot be used as an integral part of a machine superstructure which would impose additional loads on the unit other than those imposed by the torque being transmitted either through a shaft-mounted arrangement, and any shaft mounted power transmitting device. (e.g., sprockets, pulleys, couplings)
  7. For safe operation and to maintain the unit warranty, when changing a factory installed fastener for any reason, it becomes the responsibility of the person making the change to properly account for fastener grade, thread engagement, load, tightening torque and the means of torque retention.

As a user of a worm gear reducer, you still need to know some operating information. The above installation tips, geared motors (the motor and a gearbox) can also be used.

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