How to Solve The Oil Leakage of The Gear Motor?

  • Improve the vent cap and inspection hole cover.

Try to balance the internal and external pressures to prevent oil leakage. Although the geared motor has a vent cap, the vent hole is too small and easily blocked by coal dust and oil. Open the inspection hole cover every time you refuel to increase the possibility of an oil leak so that the place where the oil does not leak leaks. For this situation, an oil cup ventilation cap was made, the original thin inspection hole cover was changed to 6mm thick, and the oil cup ventilation cap was welded on the cover plate. The diameter of the ventilation hole was 6mm, which was convenient for ventilation and pressure equalization. Refueling from the oil cup does not require opening the inspection hole cover, reducing the chance of oil leakage.

  • Flow smoothly.

If the excess lubricating oil thrown by the gear on the bearing does not accumulate on the shaft seal, the excess lubricating oil must flow back to the oil pool in a certain direction so that it can flow smoothly. The specific method is to open an oil return groove inclined to the machine in the center of the lower shoe of the bearing seat and at the same time open a gap at the straight opening of the end cover, the gap faces the oil return groove so that the excess lubricating oil flows back to the oil pool through the gap and the return groove.

  • Use new sealing materials.

The new sealing material can be used as the static sealing point leakage of the geared motor. When the geared motor is overhauled, D05 silicone rubber sealant is applied on the joint surface and end cover to replace the earlier products, which is generally not prone to leakage. If oil leaks at the static sealing point during the operation of the geared motor, it can be pasted with the oil surface emergency repair agent of surface engineering technology to prevent oil leakage.

  • Carry out maintenance procedures carefully.

When the geared motor is repaired, the process regulations should be carefully implemented. The oil seal should not be reversed, the outer edge should not be deformed, the spring should not fall off, the surface of the joint should be clean, the sealant should be applied evenly, and the amount of refueling should not exceed the size of the vernier.

  • Wipe.

By processing the gasket, the geared motor can generally not leak. However, due to aging seals, poor quality, improper assembly, and high value of shaft surface roughness, individual gaskets still leak slightly. The working environment is poor, the coal dust sticks to the shaft and looks very oily, so after the equipment stops running, it is necessary to wipe the oil on the shaft.

The oil leakage phenomenon of the gear motor is relatively common, and it is difficult to solve it completely. Through the above methods, the oil leakage phenomenon of the gear motor is basically eliminated, and the equipment condition is greatly improved. After some geared motor shaft seals fail, or after the geared motor is replaced, the oil will leak, which may be related to the quality of the oil seal, the assembly process, and the high surface roughness of the shaft.

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