Planetary Gear Motor Working Principle

Planetary gearbox

Planetary gearboxes are widely used in motors and are often used in wind turbines. It is an important mechanical component, which mainly transmits the power generated by the wind wheel under the action of wind to the generator and makes it obtain the corresponding speed. Usually, the rotational speed of the wind rotor is very low, which cannot reach the rotational speed required by the generator to generate electricity, which must be achieved by the acceleration or deceleration of the gearbox gear pair. After a series of tests, ATO produces planetary gearboxes and geared motors with high precision and low noise.

The working principle of planetary gearbox

Gearboxes are used to change the speed of the motor. Gearboxes or geared motors mostly change speed through gears. The principle is a large gear with a small gear or a small gear with a large gear. Once the gear ratio is selected, it cannot be changed. The gearbox can change the speed and direction of the drive.

Planetary gearbox uses are:

  • It is a reduction gearbox, which can accelerate or decelerate. Planetary gear motor with 75 watt – 2000 watt can provide torque at low speeds.
  • Change the driving direction. For example, we can use two sector gears to transmit the force vertically to the other axis of rotation.
  • Change the turning torque. Under the same power conditions, the faster the speed of the gear, the smaller the torque on the shaft, and vice versa.
  • Clutch function. We can separate the engine from the load, such as the brake clutch, etc., by separating the two gears that are originally meshed.
  • Distribute power. We can use one engine to drive multiple slave shafts through the gearbox main shaft so that one engine can drive multiple loads.

Planetary gearboxes and geared motor products are mainly used in automotive drives, industrial automation, smart bathrooms, smart homes, smart communications, smart robots, electronic products, digital equipment, photographic equipment, smart logistics, UAV PTZs, car drives, personal nursing tools, power tools, etc.

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