What Can a Geared Motor Do?

The gear motor provides low-speed and high torque output. In some products that require large torque output, when the torque directly output by the micromotor is not enough, a gear reducer is required to change the output torque.

The reduction ratio of the DC gear motor is fixed after leaving the factory, and it still needs to work at different speeds in practical applications. For miniature DC motors, only the voltage needs to be adjusted. The gear reduction structure is composed of gears, shafts, and boxes. In order to ensure the performance of the gear motor, the box should have sufficient rigidity and heat dissipation.

The gear reducer realizes low speed and high torque through the principle of small gear driving large gear. The number of teeth of the pinion gear and the large gear is the transmission ratio. In addition to reducing the speed and increasing the torque, the micro gear motor has the following characteristics:

  • Change the output shaft direction. The normal direction of the output shaft of the micro motor cannot be changed. After combining with the gear reducer, the output shaft can be designed up, down, left, right, front and rear according to the needs.
  • The overload capacity of the gear reducer is high, and some large reducers can reach several hundred kilowatts.
  • The miniature gear motor has high efficiency, up to about 95%.
  • Low noise, no vibration and long service life.

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