BLDC Gear Motor vs. Brushed Gear Motor

As we all know, 30W – 750W DC geared motors are widely used. According to different uses, requirements, etc., there are brushed, brushless motors and other types of motors. DC brushless geared motors and DC brushed geared motors are more commonly used, so what is the difference between these two motors?

1500W DC planetary gear motor

The brushless DC deceleration is a typical mechatronics product, which is composed of a DC motor and a driver, and the operation mode is self-control operation. It is not like a synchronous motor with variable frequency speed regulation and heavy load start, so it will not cause oscillation and loss of step when the load changes suddenly. Structurally, both brushed DC geared motors and brushless DC geared motors have rotors and stators, but the structures of these two DC geared motors are opposite.

The performance of the DC geared motor is related to the number of permanent magnets, the magnetic flux intensity, and the input voltage, as well as the control performance. The speed regulation of the BLDC geared motor requires single-chip control, circuit control, etc. The price cost is much higher than that of brushed DC geared motors.

1. Scope of application

Brushless DC geared motors are often used in equipment with high control requirements and high rotational speed, such as model aircraft motors, precision instruments, etc. It has strict requirements on the motor speed, and the power equipment uses brushed motors, such as factory motors, household range hoods, etc. In addition, the speed of the series motor can also reach very high, because the carbon brushes are easy to wear and tear, use Life is often not as long as brushless geared motors.

2. Service life

The BLDC gear motor generally has a service life of tens of thousands of hours, which is also related to the bearing. Bearings are good for longer life. The continuous working life of brushed motors is hundreds to more than 1,000 hours, and the carbon brushes need to be replaced when they reach a certain service life. Otherwise, it is easy to cause bearing wear and damage to the motor.

3. Use

The brushless DC gear motor generally adopts digital frequency conversion control, which has strong controllability. It is relatively easy to achieve from a few revolutions per minute to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute. Generally, the working speed of the brushed gear motor is relatively constant after starting, and the speed regulation is not so easy. The series motor can also reach 20,000 rpm, but the service life will be relatively short.

Gearmotors supply two brushless DC motors, they are high-power planetary geared motors and worm geared motors. The brushed or brushless products of the DC gear motor have their own advantages, so the selection should be made according to the specific field and use requirements. There is still a big difference between brushless and brushed DC gear motors. In the later selection, you can refer to the above comparison and choose according to your own needs.

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