Functions of Reducers

The reducer, also known as the gearbox, is widely used in mechanical products. According to its use occasions and fields, its specific functions and functions are mainly as follows:

1. Reduce the speed

The main target for deceleration is the motor. Whether it is a servo motor or a stepping motor, it has the same effect. On many occasions of the motor, it is difficult for us to fully use the rated speed of the motor, which involves many other functional requirements and matching principles. We will decelerate the speed of the motor, and it is very common to decelerate through the gear motor.

2. Increase the torque

The reducer is indeed a very wonderful thing. While decelerating, it can also increase the output torque of the motor accordingly.

3. Reduce the inertia of the motion mechanism

Anyone who does mechanical structure research and development knows that the inertia of the equipment is a very annoying thing. If the inertia of a certain motion mechanism is not well matched, the stability, accuracy and life of the motion will be greatly affected, but we cannot infinitely increase the selection of motors for the matching of inertia, so it is necessary to use the reducer. In fact, many mechanical structure design engineers easily ignore the inertia matching of the kinematic mechanism and even never consider it. This is a non-obvious problem, and even the poor stability of many types of equipment is caused by this problem.

4. Effectively improve the accuracy

The high-precision low-speed motor is very expensive, but the high-speed motor combined with the reducer will also reduce the transmission error during the deceleration process, which may be cheaper, and it is very cost-effective.

5. Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism is a very important function of the reducer, such as the worm gear motor, which has a self-locking function. When its reduction ratio reaches a certain ratio, it can almost completely shield the reverse impact of the moving mechanism on the motor, and even completely lock the movement of the entire mechanism. Many people think that as long as the worm gear reducer has a stop function, it is not. Even the worm gear reducer needs to reach a certain reduction ratio to have the self-locking function.

6. Reduce production costs

Because the reducer has the function of reducing the speed and increasing the torque, in many cases, the motor with low power can be directly used to achieve a larger torque output, thereby achieving the effect of saving costs. When using it, be sure to pay attention to the balance of torque and speed, and do not decelerate unrestrictedly. Although a lot of torque can be obtained, there is no speed, especially in the non-standard automation industry, many truss manipulators use this structure. The balance of speed and torque is important.

7. Optimize the mechanical structure

Because of the use of the reducer, a lower power motor can be selected to simplify our entire product design structure, so that many functional components can be made more delicate and compact. This is also one of the important reasons why everyone chooses to use a reduce

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