How to Choose a Right Gear Motor?

ATO gear motor is a widely used deceleration drive equipment, which is widely used in automatic industrialization, robot drive, communication equipment, medical equipment, automobile drive, electronic products, logistics equipment, etc. Different models, specifications and parameters of geared motor application equipment have different scenarios. The following details how to choose gear motors and pay attention to key points.


Conceptually, motors and gearboxes can be mixed and matched as needed to best fit the application, but in the end, the complete gear motor is the driving factor. There are a number of motors and gearbox types that can be combined, for example, the right angle worm, planetary and parallel shaft gearboxes can be combined with permanent magnet DC, AC induction, or brushless motors. Though there are vast arrays of different motors and gearboxes available, not just any combination will work for the application. There will be certain combinations that will be more efficient and cost-effective than others. Knowing the application and having accurate ratings for the motor and gearbox is the foundation for successfully integrating the gear motor into the system. Choosing the right gear motor combination requires that the designer knows the application. Gathering the information in the Application Checklist ( following table) will provide the designer with the proper background knowledge to begin the selection process.

Application Checklist – Use this checklist to help develop specific requirements to ensure that your gear motor supplier has the key information needed to achieve the best match between your gear motor and the application.

lnput Power SourceVoltageFrequency (measured in Hz)Maximum Current (measured in amps)Control Type (if applicable)
EnvironmentIngress Protection(IP) RatingAmbient TemperatureApplication Temperature
Geared motor SpecificationsSize and WeightLife Expectancy/MaintenanceNoise
Geared motor PerformanceSpeed and TorqueStarting/Stall TorqueDuty Cycle(“on” time and “off” time)
General RequirementsMounting Orientation &Type (e.g. face)Overhung and Side LoadsEnvelope SizeLubrication Selection (e.g. low-temperature grease or food-grade grease)

Geared motors can be divided into planetary geared motors, cylindrical geared motors, DC geared motors, stepper geared motors, hollow cup geared motors, etc. Different types of geared motors have different technical parameters, performance characteristics and application scenarios, which need to be selected according to the actual situation.

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