Gearbox Lubrication Systems FAQs

Gearbox is an important part of the gear motor. Here are some questions and answers about gearbox lubrication.

The lubricating system cannot afford oil

Gearboxes with their own mechanical pumps often exhibit low inlet pressure. The reason is often that the mechanical pump cannot supply oil. The main reasons are:

  • The old mechanical pump cannot store oil in the pump body, so the air pressure cannot open the check valve at the end after the operation so that the oil circuit cannot be started. Adding an oil trap at the inlet end of the mechanical pump can solve this problem.
  • The oil pump shaft is broken: The fracture of the oil pump shaft will make the gears in the pump body unable to rotate and supply oil.
  • The oil pump shaft sealing ring is damaged: The damage of the sealing ring makes the oil pump cavity no longer sealed, and the oil flows directly back to the gearbox from the gap of the sealing ring and cannot enter the lubricating oil circuit.

Low pressure of lubrication system

  • The electric pump oil pump shaft coupling is damaged or the oil pump shaft is broken, so that the motor cannot drive the oil pump gear to rotate.
  • The reverse connection of the motor circuit causes the motor to turn incorrectly or the motor itself cannot be started.
  • Too little oil in the gear box to absorb oil.
  • The mechanical pump does not supply oil.

Differential pressure sensor alarm

This problem is very common in the gearboxes of heavy-toothed wind power companies. The reason is that too many impurities in the lubricating oil block the filter element. In the previous gearbox, the filter element was seriously blocked due to insufficient cleaning at the factory and the contamination of the lubricating oil by the wear and tear of the packing. The noise of the lubrication system is too loud.

  • The oil pressure in the electric pump is too high and there are too many air bubbles in the oil. Under the influence of high pressure and air bubbles in the oil, the electric pump makes a lot of noise. In special cases, adjusting the relief valve of the lubrication system to reduce the pressure of the pump can effectively solve this problem.
  • The blockage of the exhaust pipe from the electric pump to the gear box causes the high air pressure of the filter and the confusion of bubbles.
  • The ventilation cap of the gearbox is blocked, and the air pressure in the gearbox is too high.
  • The pressure difference of the filter is too large. The oil level in the gear box is too low, and the oil suction port sucks air bubbles.

The above are gearbox lubrication systems FAQs. The previous post also introduced the precautions for lubrication of worm gears. will continue to update it for you.

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