Gear Motors with VFD Troubleshooting

The geared motor is composed of the gear box and the motor. The standard motor selected is a 4-pole ordinary motor. When the mechanical equipment needs a geared motor, the matching motor type should be informed in advance, so as to avoid problems in future use. For example, the occasion of lifting, parking and positioning needs to be equipped with a brake motor. Special explosion-proof motors should be selected for flammable and explosive mechanical equipment. Choose explosion-proof motors according to different explosion-proof grades. Mechanical equipment needs a wide range of speed regulation and variable speed. It is recommended to select a special frequency conversion motor, which can ensure constant torque output at low speed.

Before using the geared motor with the inverter, pay attention to the wiring and confirm the input voltage and output voltage of the inverter. Such as a single-phase 220V input, three-phase 220V output, the inverter must match the three-phase 220V motor. If it is 380V input and 380V output, make sure that the power of the motor and the inverter must match, and the power of the inverter must be greater than the power of the driving motor.

The power supply of the brake motor needs to be powered independently, otherwise, the motor will be damaged due to the failure to open the brake at a low frequency.

Electromagnetic noise occurs in geared motors at low and high frequencies. This requires adjusting the carrier frequency of the inverter. A reasonable carrier frequency can eliminate electromagnetic noise.

If the motor runs at low frequency and low speed for a long time, the inverter will alarm due to poor heat dissipation. It is recommended to increase the speed ratio of the gear motor and adjust the frequency of the inverter to more than 30Hz to avoid long-term operation at low frequency and low speed.

If the frequency converter frequently over-current alarm occurs at low frequency, it can be judged as overload. Adjust the motor frequency or replace the ordinary motor with a special frequency conversion motor.

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