Why is the Gearbox Oil Temperature Too High?

High temperature is a common problem in mechanical products, whether it is a gear motor or gearbox. Then why does this happen?

  • The air cooler may fail.
  1. Air cooler failure: If the electric wire is short-circuited, open-circuited or the motor is burnt out, the fan will not run.
  2. Dust affects the heat dissipation of the air cooler: There is a large amount of dust on the heat sink, which affects the heat dissipation of the air cooler and leads to insufficient cooling of the lubricating oil.
  3. Wrong wiring of air cooler: The wrong wiring will cause the fan to reverse, the wind direction is opposite, and affect the heat dissipation.
  • The oil pipes from the lubricating system to the oil distributor and cooler are reversely connected.

The two outlets of the filter are respectively marked to go to the gearbox or to the cooler. When the temperature is low, it directly enters the oil distributor, and when the temperature is high, it enters the cooler. If the oil pipe is wrongly connected, the high-temperature oil will not be cooled by the cooler, and the oil temperature will be too high. It can be solved by installing the oil pipe according to the correct requirements.

  •  The pressure valve or temperature control valve of the lubrication system is wrong.

Under the condition that the filter and the gearbox oil pipe are connected correctly, and the oil temperature exceeds 55°C, the pipe from the filter to the oil distributor still flows oil (judgment method: you can touch the oil pipe if the temperature is consistent with the temperature of the distributor or The vibration of oil flowing means that there is oil flowing through the oil pipe), which means that there is a problem with the temperature control valve of the filter. You can consult the lubrication system manufacturer or the technical department to replace the temperature control valve.

  • Relief valve

As a pressure relief element, the relief valve should only work when the oil temperature of the gearbox is low and the pressure is high. At present, it has been found that the overflow valve with high oil temperature still flows oil, so that the amount of oil after cooling will be reduced, and part of the oil will be directly returned to the gearbox without cooling, resulting in insufficient overall cooling and high oil temperature. When the oil temperature is high, the pressure is low and the relief valve is opened again, you should contact the lubrication system manufacturer as soon as possible.

The above is an analysis of the case where the temperature of the gearbox is too high. Gearmotors will keep you updated if you want to know more about it.

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